Thursday, February 7, 2008

Iraq Combat Veteran/Filmmaker Exposes Post-War Generation In Documentary “Sweet Salone”

Boston, MA, Feb 5, 2008 –

Iraq Combat Veteran and Filmmaker, Sieh (C-ya) Samura is in post-production for a documentary called, “Sweet Salone”. A younger cousin of the internationally renowned video-journalist Sorious Samura: It is the Boston filmmaker’s first attempt at the documentary format which he has found to be tremendously rewarding and therapeutic.

“Sweet Salone”, was filmed between November and December of 2007, in the post-civil war nation of Sierra Leone, West Africa. It is about the increasingly popular music culture of the country. The young music artists of Sierra Leone are living in one of the most economically depressed regions of the world (ranked 177th for Human Development by UNDP), and are a generation that has lived through war and widely publicized atrocities.

The music that these young Africans create has had a tremendous impact on their society, educating citizens about national politics, keeping corrupt politicians in check, sensitizing the population to social issues such as HIV prevention and promoting peace. C-ya wants to show the positive side of a region that’s more known for despair, due to popular films such as Sorious’ “Cry Freetown”, and Hollywood blockbusters like “Tears of the Sun”, and “Blood Diamonds”.

As an Army truck driver deployed to Iraq at the beginning of the war, C-ya has experienced much of the same feelings that this generation of musicians have experienced. The fear, confusion, stress, and frustration of the war experience lead C-ya to retreat to his father’s native country of Sierra Leone, where he met many traumatized family members and decided to document the sense of optimism that has been created there, largely as a result of the actions of the local music artists.

C-ya and artists in the film remain extremely upbeat as they poor their energies into their respective art forms. From the world famous Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars to the unknown underground rappers of Freetown, “Sweet Salone”, is the most comprehensive introduction to the new music culture of this growing African nation. C-ya has found the experience to be restorative and has learned a new way to cope with the ghosts that follow all those touched by war. He hopes that his documentary will have the same positive effect that the artists in his film have achieved.

C-ya also produces other video content with his company Wun Deuce Media Productions (named for his squadron in Iraq), as he builds on the relationships created by making “Sweet Salone”. Like few others he is optimistic about the future of his post-war peers, in Africa, and at home.
For additional information on “Sweet Salone” or C-ya Samura visit or email . “Sweet Salone” is expected to be completed by March and will compete in several national and local film festivals throughout the 2008 season.

Wun Deuce Media Productions – Is a Video Production Company based in Boston, Massachusetts.


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