Thursday, February 10, 2011


You can get copies of "Sweet Salone" from or Film Baby.

Thanks to all of those who helped make this DVD possible.

I am really not one for blogging as you can see from the limited number of posts on here. (Its hard keeping up with all these websites!)

Sweet Salone is now available throughout the world. For people curious about what Freetown may be like, or members of the diaspora hungry for a piece of home, Sweet Salone will soon be available for instant download or for purchase.

There is really no other piece of media that captures what we have been able to do with Sweet Salone, and I am tremendously proud of the position this small film now holds. Positive media regarding the country of Sierra Leone and the city of Freetown, was virtually non-existent when we started principal photography for Sweet Salone. Now among all of the media depicting the civil war era, poverty, American slavery, and other less desirable subjects explored by media makers in Africa, Sierra Leone (Freetown more precisely) now has a film it can be truly proud of, from beginning to end.

As far as news about the film goes...

The film has already been released and available in Sierra Leone since last year and has received a warm welcome from audiences and even government officials. It is my sincere hope to be able to return to Freetown to chronicle the continued goings on of a developing nation on the rise. Sweet Salone Vol 2. ?

We will have to keep our fingers crossed and hope that everything falls in place. A second volume would be able to capitalize on the notoriety of the first and show audiences much more of what Sierra Leone is about, and has to offer to the popular culture.

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